So what about the Tango?!

Tango is, of course, one of the things Buenos Aires is known for.  On a weekend afternoon you will see often see dancers on street corners and in plazas.

One of the street performances we most enjoyed was this very professional group that I recorded (yes, I tipped them handsomely for the privilege).

This link will take you to the youtube video of the performance:

While the street shows are mostly for tourists, the art form is alive and well in a lot of venues.  On most Sunday afternoons we hear our neighbors playing recordings of a diversity of tango song styles, and most people can rattle off the names of famous tango artists, especially singers, dating from the 1920s til today.  There are lots of clubs where you can go to watch and listen to all kinds of performances, ranging from small music/dance ensembles with just a handful of performers to enormous Broadway-like shows involving dozens of dancers on stage.

Contrary to the urgings of a number of our friends we haven’t taken tango lessons;  Martha did try a few steps with nephew Eli.  It’s just as easy as it looks!   The shoes are key.

What I find really interesting and fun is that, while the basic style of the music, costume and dance of tango is rooted in this early 20th century tradition, the art form continues to evolve.

Check out this updated version in a music video from a contemporary group called the Gotan Project:


One response to “So what about the Tango?!

  • Tia

    Love the video! Makes me want to get a swoopy dress and get out there. Please keep up the posts — I really look forward to them!

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