Dog country!

People love their dogs here.   According the SPCA, approximately 40% of US households have dogs.  In Argentina the comparable number is about 80%.    It seems like there are dogs everywhere.

It isn’t surprising that everyone stops by to view the puppies in the window.  Every time we walk by this shop Annie and Isabel ask us when we are going to get one.

What is amazing is that almost every block on a commercial street has a pet store and a veterinarian, sometimes two of each.  And at many pet food stores, they will bathe your dog for you as well…

… in the store window for all to watch and enjoy.

On any weekday morning you will see dogwalkers all over Buenos Aires, each with 8-15 dogs strapped to their waists, wading through the streets.   We asked this fellow how many dogs were his maximum on a walk.  We think he said 20 to 25!  Hope they get along well with each other ….

Wishful thinking!  The ‘clean-up after your pet’ regulations are rather loosely observed here. So as you might expect, with so many dogs around, one has to tread carefully around town.


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